Jay Vause


Remembering Jay Vause

Jay Vause was one of the founders and owners of Evolve Dance Company. In March of 2010, Jay suddenly passed away. His wife, JoEllen, and daughter, Jenny, have continued the work they began together in 2005. Jay was retired and loved being at the dance studio. During the day, he spent time working with Jenny, and in the evenings visiting with parents and dancers.  Around the studio, many memories of Jay are visible.  His encouraging words and cheerful personality are missed every day by those who had the chance to know him. His kindness for others and his willingness to help anyone who walked in the door will always be remembered. This page is dedicated to Jay, one of the most inspiring people one could ever meet. We miss him every day.


At the recital in June of 2010, the competition dancers performed an amazing number to The Flame, by Cheap Trick, Jay’s favorite band.



The images below are from the dance rehearsals for “The Flame” as well as different commemorative items that can be seen around Evolve Studios. Click on an image to enlarge it.